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    Boston had been a thriving city long before the United States itself existed. Founded in the 17th century, Boston has been the center of attention in New England since the colonial period. Today's Boston continues to boast some of the best attractions to be found in the Northeastern US. As the "cradle of the Revolution," Boston is full of history like no other city in America. For over 350 years, some of the world's greatest patriots, writers, thinkers, athletes and artists have called Boston their home, leaving an indelible mark on this incredible city in the process.

    A trip to Boston is necessarily a trip into American history. Boston was the center of the revolutionary movement in the 1770's, and the monuments to those glorious times still stand. Faneuil Hall (1742) was a meeting place for revolutionary leaders, and it now houses dozens of shops and restaurants. The Old State House (1713) was the site of the colonial government and is open for tours. Paul Revere's house is also open for tours, and the Old North Church (1723) and its famous lanterns are still in use. The site of the Boston Massacre where five colonists died in 1770 has been preserved. The First Public School was in Boston; some of its graduates include Sam Adams and Ben Franklin. The Granary Burying Ground in the middle of town has the graves of patriots John Hancock, Paul Revere and others. Even the Boston Tea Party is commemorated in a floating ship museum, not far from the floating museum aboard the USS Constitution, America's first great warship.

    In addition to history, Boston boasts a wonderful cultural tradition. There are currently more than 23 major theatres, orchestras, and symphonies in Boston, and more small theatres numbering into the hundreds. The Old Corner Bookstore was a favorite meeting-place for Hawthorne, Longfellow, Emerson, Thoreau and other great American writers. The Museum of Fine Arts is the largest museum in New England, and is the centerpiece of a collection of art museums that are spread all across the city.

    Kids will love Boston's history, and they will also love many of its other attractions. Boston Common, which once housed British troops, is now a beautiful park in the center of the city. The Franklin Park Zoo is nearby, with a Children's Zoo and other kid-friendly attractions. The Boston Science Museum feature over 400 hands-on exhibits. The New England Aquarium has more than 2000 sea creatures on display, including fish, whales, and penguins. Finally, the Boston Children's museum is dedicated to educating and entertaining kids at the same time.

    Sports fans can attend professional basketball, hockey, and baseball games involving some of America's greatest teams. Football fans can enjoy professional games or college-level ball at many of Boston's dozens of colleges and universities.

    Millions of visitors a year come to Boston for its history, and once they arrive they discover that there's even more to enjoy in this amazing city.